Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Arielle Madness

Spring 2009

Arielle finished kindergarten, took swimming lessons, and made lots of friends in Girl Scouts this past spring. In school, she started learning how to read, write, and do simple math.

She's ready to move into our new apartment where there's a nice pool. The apartment also has two playgrounds. It's also walking distance to almost every store you could imagine.

Arielle can't wait until next year. Her and Karen had a lot of fun with the Daisies.

Pregnancy Update

30 Weeks------------33 Weeks

The summer is here and the baby is almost here too. My feet are swollen, the baby is kicking, and I can't bend over too well.

We're packing the house and getting ready to move into a new apartment. Arielle is on vacation with Grandma and Papa and having lot's of fun with her cousins.

The midwife visits have gone well. The baby's head is down, in good position. Yoga class has been helpful in managing the physical demands of my job. Kevin and I are also doing birthing classes.