Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Family updates

The last six months has been crazy, and I've kind of fallen asleep on this blogging thing. Actually, scratch that. Sleep is not something I've been doing much of since Michael was born. Anyway, here is a summary of the last 6 months.

Kevin had student teaching in the fall at Denton High School. It went well, and he is almost done with his Master of Education (May 2010). YAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!! He is still playing gigs as a drummer for several groups, but his main career focus has been applying for teaching jobs, teaching lessons at the music academy, and doing technical writing for his dad's company, Innovative Mining Consulting.

I went back to work in October. It was hard having to leave the baby, but at least we were able to work out our schedules so we did not have to put Michael in daycare. Plus, Grandma and Grandpa Mitchell live close and have been a HUGE help. I also still have the girl scout troop, which has been lots of fun.

The fall started off slowly with so many people getting sick from the flu or something else. I took a weekly "Mom and Me" yoga class, but with Kevin being off during the day in the spring, we have been enjoying long walks with Chester and Michael, so no Yoga class for the time being. Occasionally, I walk with a neighbor to pick Arielle up from school.

Arielle started first grade at a new school and really enjoys her teacher. Her teacher has been lots of fun and started giving Arielle and one of her friends tutoring once a week after school for reading. They did such a good job that she is reading above grade level and stopped the tutoring. She is still in speech but may be able to end that soon, too. Arielle has been doing great in school. She just speeds through her math and spelling, getting every answer right.

Since we moved into this apartment complex, Arielle has made lots of friends who she plays with daily. She also loves girls scouts and went to a daisy day camp over spring break. Arielle took baseball in the fall and loved it. She wants to try other sports but has not started any yet. She has been a great big sister and loves making her brother laugh. She also looks forward to bath time with him since they both love to splish splash.

Michael is 8 months and has grown too fast for mommy. He has a great personality and is such a happy baby. He sits up well, has rolled over a few times, but is not crawling yet. Like I mentioned earlier, he is not a very good sleeper either. But he has his 2 bottom and 2 top teeth and has been eating baby food for about one and a half months. As you can see, he loves his food. Today, he and I shared a banana.

The future is looking bright. I think Arielle is ready for summer break, we are all ready for Kevin to be done with school, and it looks like Michael will be crawling, walking, and talking soon enough.


  1. You have it all-A womderful family education and a good job-jobs So be happy and wake up every day refusing to get mad about anything and all will definately get better-uncle Joe

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