Friday, May 17, 2013

Getting on Track

   This week has started off well. The whole family made it out to my work's picnic party. It was lots of fun. The boys got time on the playground while Arielle played some relay games, balloon toss and don't drop the egg. Another night we played Candy Land. Well, Kevin was playing on the floor with Andrew and Michael's attention only lasted about half the game but that's a start. The last 2 mornings I diffused some essential oil (lemon) and both days I felt happy and motivated. Now here comes the weekend. My plan is not to fall apart.
   I still have not done my weekly menu and have stopped through the drive through a couple of times. I just don't like to cook. The summer can't get here soon enough. Kevin will be home and will probably take over most of the cooking.
  I started reading 21 ways to connect with your kids. I am so excited about it. It seems like just what are family needs. Step 1 - make an agenda. Doesn't sound too hard. Step 2 - remember your New Years resolution and don't wait.

1 comment:

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